Tritan Pshychic


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Simple and Easy to Carry Wallet Trick that you can always use to break the ice! No Deck Required

With Tritan Psychic you will be able to perform two magic tricks.
The first trick, or first phase, allows you to find out the exact date of the spectator’s birthday in a comfortable and covert “personality reading” conversation.
In the second phase, you will teach your spectator how to know the card of the deck that will influence him the most, a card that Tritan will end up divining!
The card supplied is made out of plastic with high quality impression and will last a long time, comes with a plastic sleeve that protects the card and serves to cover the Crystal Ball of Tritan.
With this single card in your wallet, you will always be ready to perform a 5 minute (or more) routine that will certainly break the ice with new friends or people. Nothing else required!

Classic methods and simple maths applied with an original approach to engage your spectator in a conversational build-up that allows you a grand finale and a moment of wonder.
You can use it alone anywhere, or as an original way to reveal one or multiple selected cards from a deck, making the performance more engaging when you are with more than one person.
Comes with a downloadable pdf file that explains everything in detail, different presentation options and also includes a Propless bonus trick.
This thin and durable card fits in any wallet, takes no space, is affordable and is always ready to surprise new people in any social environement.

Right now Supply is limited to the actual stock and there are no plans on restocking more units in the near future.


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