Phantom Revealer (Discontinued)

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The Phantom Revealer, is a handmade gimmicked keychain that will help you create
a new mysterious and original way of revealing selected card/items from an specatator.

This Keychain has several key features that makes it special,

  • It doesn’t make toy-like sounds, just light
  • When holded by the chain, doesn’t turn around so eyes are always in view for the climax revelation
  • It can be hold by the spectator so he feel the moment of revelation
  • Thanks to its wide base, it stands on the table without falling for an easy pick and leave
  • Its very tiny and portable
  • Highly reliable and very sensitive well positioned sensor, works over a full deck of cardS

Imagine an espectator grabing a free selection card so he can remember it,
in fact you also allow him to grab seven more free cards so he can mix them all,
You dont know witch card he selected, but your little helper can read minds…
put all the mixed cards face down in the table, and ask the spectator to hold the phantom hovering it over
the cards one by one, at some point the phantom will blink his eyes!  and yes, it proves to be correct!

You can use your imagination  for revealing anything you like, add the phatom to some of your routines, or just create one you like, no special deck of cards is needed, Poker, ESP cards, Pictures, Business Cards, Envelops, Objects…

You can improvise two business cards with a “Yes” “No”  words, and make the Phantom reveal something about your spectator,

This little keychain returns a fun way to reveal things for adults and kids, and always return a smile in the face of your spectators,


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Keychain + 1 Gimmick, Keychain + 1 Gimmick + 1 Bigger Gimmick

1 review for Phantom Revealer (Discontinued)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anton Nova

    The Phantom Revealer is one way cool and fun magic trick that is sure to delight children as well as adults. I can not put mine down. The Phantom is very well made and the gimmicks are special because they are protected ( do not want to give it away if U do not know the gimmick) and the gimmicks can also be used in hundreds of other effects.
    A super great routine all year around especially Halloween or for PK, psychic F/X or bizarre magic. A unique way to REVEAL many items from predictions to selected cards, numbers, objects, etc.. The sky’s the limit. I look 4wards towards future creations. Anton Nova aka Anton the Enigmatist

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