iWallet Pack-Flat Prediction (PDF)



You will love this trick! I do it every time i can, Easy to do and quick to construct, fail proof, and packs flat in your wallet!

Imagine you show to your spectator a list of 16 words, all different, in the process he end up choosing one, You proof him any other was possible, and all are different, he will fully agree,

What a wonderful coincidence, because in your wallet you have an envelope that says prediction, just one, not 16! and inside, there is one picture, representing the word selected by your spectator!

I always get some laughts due the fact they dont expect the result, and there is an extra kicker prediction that will boost your credibility,

Everything you need to build this trick is super cheap, can be got anywhere, and probably you have everything needed already in your house.

There are not funny moves, or special gimmicks, or special wallet, or sleight of hand, everything is clear, simple, straight to the point and can be done by anyone,

A nice flat trick that fits perfect in your wallet and will for sure paint a smile in the face of your spectator.


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